Boat Storage in Mississippi, Georgia, & South Carolina

Nothing beats a day out on the boat — but where do you keep your boats when the sun goes down?

Reliable boat storage facilities can be a crucial source of support for boat owners, especially during the off-season. By storing your boat in a secure facility, you can ensure its safety and longevity.

Dry Boat Storage

We offer dry boat storage which keeps boats out of the water on racks, trailers, or within storage units. This is a good option for boats that are not in frequent use during the off-season. Indoor storage options, such as warehouse or garage-like facilities, provide additional protection from the elements and weather-related damage, while outdoor storage features uncovered areas.

Boat storage solutions are essential for protecting vessels from damage, weather conditions, and theft, as well as for maintaining their condition. Proper storage can also help extend the life of a boat by preventing issues like hull deterioration and engine problems.

Where to Find Boat Storage in Mississippi, Georgia, & South Carolina

If you are searching for boat storage solutions in Mississippi, Georgia, or South Carolina, Flex Storage has the facilities and affordability you need. 

Two of the top Flex Storage locations for renting boat storage space include: 

  • Lake Keowee, SC: The Lake Keowee Flex Storage facility is located at 3376 Walhalla Hwy in Six Mile, SC. This facility is remotely managed, requiring an appointment to visit the facility and check out the grounds. Call (864) 477-3051 for more information.
  • Seneca, SC: The Seneca Flex Storage facility is located at 640 Business Park Dr. in Seneca, SC. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. Call (864) 528-8887 for more information.

Why To Choose Flex Storage for Your Boat Storage Needs

Based in Northeastern Mississippi, Flex Storage provides the Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi communities with quality boat storage solutions. With multiple locations across these three states, Flex Storage has the storage solutions you need at the affordable prices you want.   

Features and amenities offered at Flex Storage include:

  • Drive-up access
  • Air-conditioned units available
  • Hand carts, boxes, and moving supplies
  • Security cameras and fencing
  • Exterior lighting

Visit the Flex Storage website today to learn more about our boat storage accommodations.