The Best Self-Storage Facilities Near Macedonia, GA

Finding a convenient self-storage facility is key for keeping your belongings safe until you need them. 

If you live in Macedonia, Georgia, there are many great self-storage facilities in and around the area to choose from. Selecting the best facility for you comes down to your budget and storage needs.

In this article, we discuss what self-storage is and what to look for in a self-storage facility. Plus, we cover eight great self-storage facilities in the Macedonia area.

Keep reading to find out all about self-storage in Macedonia, GA!

Who Uses Self-Storage & What to Look for in a Self-Storage Facility?

When it comes to who uses self-storage the answer is — everyone!

Anyone can use self-storage for a variety of storage purposes, including:

  • Keeping personal belongings and furniture safe during a move or home remodel
  • Securing important business documents and resources
  • Storing recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, or vehicles

As for the types of self-storage available, this can also vary depending on the facility you choose to rent from. In general, a good self-storage facility should include:

  • A wide range of unit sizes 
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Security equipment (fencing, cameras, etc.) 
  • Staffed office hours
  • Storage supplies (carts, boxes, etc.) 

What is the Average Price of Self-Storage?

Pricing for a self-storage unit is highly dependent on the facility, its location, and the amenities it has to offer. When looking for a self-storage unit, it is important to determine your budget beforehand so you can look specifically for facilities that fall within an affordable range for you. 

Here’s a breakdown of the average costs for self-storage units: 

  • Small Units (5×5 to 10×10): These units are almost always the most affordable and can range between $30 to $110 per month on average. 
  • Medium Units (10×15 to 10×20): Medium units can range in price from $130 to $300 per month on average. 
  • Large Units (10×25 to 10×35): On average, a large unit can cost between $200 to $400 per month and can suit many types of objects, vehicles, and equipment.

The Best Self-Storage Facilities Near Macedonia, GA

If you’re looking for an exceptional self-storage experience, look no further than Flex Storage.

Flex Storage is located roughly 15 minutes to the west of Macedonia in Canton, GA. 

This facility offers a wide range of units with small, medium, and large size units available. At Flex Storage, you can choose between either a climate-controlled or a non-climate-controlled unit according to which best fits your storage needs.  

The facility amenities include:

  • Drive-up access to units
  • RV-friendly units
  • Hand carts
  • Security cameras
  • Security fencing
  • Exterior lighting 
  • Boxes and moving supplies
  • Online payments

Along with 24/7 access to your unit, this facility also includes staffed office hours for convenient customer support. Flex Storage’s office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. The office is closed on Sundays. 

Find out more about Flex Storage and check out the available units by visiting the Flex Storage website or by calling (678) 932-1762 for more information. 

Additional self-storage facilities near Macedonia, GA include: 

  • West Forsyth Storage: West Forsyth Storage is located in Cumming, GA, 20 to 25 minutes to the east of Macedonia. This storage facility has staffed office hours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays. Find out more about West Forsyth Storage by visiting during staffed hours or by calling (770) 889-5554 for more information. 
  • Free Home Storage: Free Home Storage is located in Canton, GA, roughly 15 to 20 minutes outside of Macedonia. To learn more about Free Home Storage, check out the facility’s website or call the facility at (770) 421-5141.
  • Sawnee Storage: Sawnee Storage is another facility located in Cumming, GA, which is approximately 20 to 25 minutes away from Macedonia. Call (770) 205-8484 for more information or to book an appointment to visit this facility’s onsite office. 
  • Klein’s Self Storage: Klein’s Self Storage is located in Ball Ground, GA, roughly a 15-minute drive to the north of Macedonia. This facility’s office is open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Visit the office or call (770) 735-7373 for more information. 
  • Ms. Lillian’s Self-Storage: Ms. Lillian’s Self-Storage has a few locations found around Georgia, with the closest to Macedonia being the Ball Ground location. Visit this facility’s website to learn more about the various locations offered and to get in touch with the staff. 
  • Ball Ground Secure Self-Storage: Ball Ground Secure Self-Storage is located, as the name suggests, in Ball Ground. Staffed office hours are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, or you can call (678) 454-7867 for more information. 
  • Westside Mini Storage: Westside Mini Storage is located in Cumming, GA off of Canton Road. To find out more about this storage facility, call (770) 889-3967. 

Reserve Your Unit with Flex Storage Today

Flex Storage offers affordable, competitive pricing that includes all the amenities you could need. Along with the Canton location, Flex Storage also has units available in South Carolina and Mississippi. 

Ready for an exceptional self-storage experience? Then contact the Flex Storage team today!